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5pm™ makes team collaboration easy
Share your projects, tasks, notes and files with your team; track progress and time, send alerts, run reports - all in one place.

5pm is easy to use - get your team on it with no training.
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Simple interface
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Simple customizable interface

Navigate projects and tasks, browse the discussions, share files and report progress — all within one screen.
  • Customizable layout
  • Real time updates and collaboration
  • Everything within a click or two
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Timeline View
Timeline View icon

Timeline View

5pm Interactive Timeline offers an alternative, Gantt-style view of your projects and tasks, their durations and dependencies.

You can filter the data by groups, projects, people. You can switch between daily, weekly and monthly view. And, most importantly, you can drag around and resize your projects and tasks directly in the Timeline.
Customizable Reports
Customizable Reports icon

Customizable Reports

Customize and build your own reports (with export to CSV/Excel and Print View).
Time Report- what everybody is working on and how much time they spend on it.
General Report- universal report that filters projects/tasks/activity in multiple ways.
Workload Reports- help visualize and manage your team workload.
Social Toolbar
Social Toolbar icon

Social Toolbar

See the team members that are logged into 5pm, check their status, history logs and even chat with them in real time!

Social Toolbar is a great way to share what you are up to and for quick one-on-one conversations.


Automate your tasks with triggers/actions.
  • Auto-assign teams
  • Email notifications when no task activity
  • Auto-tag tasks
  • Alert on assigning tasks
  • and many more...
Integration with email

Integration with email

5pm interacts with emails in both directions. You can send team email notifications on creating or editing projects, tasks, messages, etc.

You can also send emails to 5pm to create tasks, assign teams, attach files, add messages, etc.
No infrastructure needed

No infrastructure needed

No installation needed. No IT department to maintain your servers. Just open an account and start using it through your web browser!

We handle the data, backup your information, update the application with new features and deal with all the logistics.
5pm on iPhone 5pm on Android

iPhone and Android apps

5pm app is available on iTunes and Google Play - you can use it on your iPhone and Android phones too!
5pm Mobile Edition

Mobile Edition

Access the mobile version from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile devices, Amazon Fire, etc.
Available in 25 languages

Available in 26 languages

5pm is used all around the world and is available in many languages.
Universal Importer

Universal Importer

Import Projects, Tasks and Users from CSV / Excel, Microsoft Project, Basecamp Classic or another 5pm account.
Time Tracker widget

Time Tracker widget

Log time and submit it to 5pm with a desktop widget on your PC, Mac or Linux computer.
5pm Google Apps edition

5pm Google Apps edition

5pm integrates with Slack instant messaging and collaboration system for teams.
Slack integration

Slack integration

5pm integrates with Slack instant messaging and collaboration system for teams.
Alexa integration

Alexa integration

Navigate your workload and add new tasks via voice using Amazon's Alexa.
8am Contact Management tool

8am Contact Management

With 5pm and 8am you get a project management and CRM bundle.

And now you can display 5pm tasks in a 8am calendar view!

Firefly design annotation tool

Firefly Design Annotation

If you are working with visual projects — Firefly allows you do add annotations right on top of your designs, that can be linked to 5pm tasks.
Integration with other tools

Integration with other tools

5pm open API

Open API

Expand and integrate 5pm with your own tools using 5pm open API.
Third party apps — solutions from our partners that compliment 5pm:
Microsoft integrations

5pm + Microsoft Integrations

Login with Office 365 credentials, link files from OneDrive, create tasks directly from Outlook emails and more...

G Suite

5pm + Google Integrations

Login with Google credentials, link files from Google Drive, create tasks directly from Gmail emails and more...
orange5 custom web development services

orange5 Development Partners

Looking for integrations of your other tools with 5pm? Need to build custom reports or apps on top of 5pm API? Or have an idea for a brand new tool for your business?

Consider orange5 — our development partners that work closely with us to provide custom solutions for our clients.

orange5 specializes in custom software development on a wide range of platforms — they develop web, mobile and desktop apps.

» Find out more at www.orange5.com
5pm service

5pm dedicated and personal service

Our great product is matched by our superb service.

Have any questions or need technical support? Just drop us an email at support@spam.com and one of our team members will contact you in no time.

We will be glad to assist you any day, around the clock.