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I like 5pm because of it's simplicity. It is obvious that you all put a lot of thought into this. The hierarchy, layout of content is amazing and extremely simple with the appropriate training. It's highly organized. The design of the site is great, which increases legibility. I like the side-by-side window action. It simply works.
– Cat F. (Victory World Church)
I'm able to see lots of projects related to one overall project at the same time. In the past, I have had to rifle through sheets of paper with project task lists to check progress. So, 5pm works because it creates one place to view multiple projects.
– Dawn K.( Nampa Public Library)
it's fairly user-friendly and straight forward
– Bethany H. (School Nutrition Association)
I don’t know what we did before we had 5pm. 5pm keeps all of our projects organized and keeps us on track and ahead of our deadlines. I am really amazing at easy it is to use, and how efficiently it conveys the needed information to our team members and clients. We are able to plan out a year in advance thanks to 5pm, and so when last minute projects come up, we no longer panic. We just fit them into our Timeline on 5pm, and move on.
– Natasha T. (Discovery Church)
(I) have so far found your product to be magnificent in its ease of use, flexibility and overall design. I compared and tested more than 10 online PM apps before I chose this package and so far I have no regrets! Keep up your great work, look forward to seeing new features
– Marc-Antoine D.( Environmental Communications Consultant
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