Email Integration

Two-way email integration

5pm interacts with emails in both directions

Watch a short Video Tutorial  (4:02)

You can send email notifications to the project and task team, or just specific people, when you create or edit projects, tasks, messages, etc.:

5pm email alerts

And the best part is that the recipients can simply reply to a 5pm email notification, as they reply to any other email, and their answer will be logged back into 5pm as a message!

You can also create from email Tasks, assign teams, attach files, add messages and report progress.
Here is an example of a task created from an email:
To create a Task from email, all you have to do is send it (To, CC or Fwd) to:
(yourdomain with your own domain from
It will automatically detect the attachments, add recipients to the Task Team and so on!
For example, you can:
  • Send an email to to create a task directly from email. If you include email addresses of other 5pm users (in To, CC or BCC) — they will be added to the task team.
  • You can take an existing email, from your client, for example, and create a 5pm task from it by just forwarding it to

Even more — you can also add Messages and Progress Notes directly from email!

For this page for the old version of 5pm (v1)click here .