Time Tracking

5pm offers a set of feature to track, log and report the time spent on tasks easily.

Watch a short Video Tutorial  (2:56)

To report time spent on a task, you have to add a Progress Note to it (a special type of comment) — read more about Progress Notes:
Progress Note

Simply click "Progress/Time" option under the comment box and you will be able to enter the hours spent on a task, as well as the overall task completion percentage (optional) and the date you are posting the time to (defaults to "today").

You can also define the Estimated Time for each task — the number of hours it should take to complete it:

Estimated Time
The estimated time is defined in hours (ex: 3.5 hours is 3 hours and 30 mins):
Estimated Time
You can display the Estimated Time and even measure it against the actual total time spent for a task (reported through Progress Notes) in the left panel, by adding the "Hours"column to it:
Estimated Time
You can aggregate the time spent on tasks with the Time Report:
You can also use our desktop Time Tracker widget to easily log and submit time to 5pm.
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