How to use 5pm
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Time Tracking in 5pm

Report Time

Time spent on tasks can be reported through Progress Reports (read more about Progress Reports):

Progress Report
Progress Report hours
Time can be reported only on the task level.

You can also use the Time Tracker desktop widget to report time.

Estimated Time

You can also define the Estimated Time for each task (make sure you click "more options" in Task Creating/Editing window to access it):

Estimated Time

You can display the Estimated Time and even measure it against the actual time spent (reported through Progress Notes) in the left panel, by adding the "Hours" column to it (using right click on column headers).

Hours vs Estimated Time

Time Report

You can aggregate the time spent on tasks with Time Report:

Time Report

You can export the report data into CSV/Excel (and then import into other software) and print it out.