How to use 5pm

iPhone app

iPhone app

5pm iPhone app is available for free to all 5pm users, through iTunes:

It supports the main view and edit functions and can help you access 5pm on the go.

GApps users - please note that you can not use Google login with 5pm iPhone app. You have to use the regular login. In order to set your regular password: login into 5pm, switch to "People" tab on the left and locate your profile - edit it by adding the password to it. You can use the email and password from your profile to login into your iPhone app.

Supported features:

  • View/Add/Edit/Delete Projects, Tasks, Messages, Files and Progress Notes
  • "My Tasks" view
  • "Activity" view on group, project and task levels
  • "Hide inactive projects/tasks" filter
  • "Group" and "User" filters
  • Attach pictures from your iPhone
  • etc.


Global menu

Swipe Right to see the Global Menu.

Global menu gives you access to:

  • My Tasks — list view of tasks assigned to you
  • Projects — default view with projects and tasks
  • Activity — messages and files across all projects and tasks (in the current group)
  • Settings — settings and the logout option

Swipe Down to reveal useful filters:

  • Change the current projects group
  • Filter by assigned person
Context menu on Activity

Swipe Left on Messages to see access Reply, Edit and Delete options.

Context menu on Tasks

Swipe Left on Tasks to access Mark as Done, Edit and Delete options.