How to use 5pm

Android app

Android app

5pm Android app is available for free to all 5pm users, through Google Play:

It supports the main view and edit functions and lets you access 5pm on the go.

GApps users - please note that you can not use Google login with 5pm Android app. You have to use the regular login. In order to set your regular password: login into 5pm, switch to "People" tab on the left and locate your profile - edit it by adding the password to it. You can use the email and password from your profile to login into your Android app.

Supported features:

  • View/Add/Edit/Delete Projects, Tasks, Messages, Files and Progress Notes
  • "My Tasks" view
  • "Activity" view on group, project and task levels
  • "Hide inactive projects/tasks" filter
  • "Group" and "User" filters
  • Projects/Tasks sorting
  • Attach pictures from your phone
  • etc.


Swipe Right to see the Global Menu.

Global menu gives you access to:

  • My Tasks — list view of tasks assigned to you
  • Projects — default view with projects and tasks
  • Activity — messages and files across all projects and tasks (in the current group)
  • Settings — settings and the logout option