How to use 5pm

Social Toolbar

Social Toolbar is a built-in real time chat with status updates and logs. It appears at the bottom of your 5pm screen and allows you to see which of your colleagues are logged into 5pm, see the logs of their activity, chat with them in real time and also set your status to show others what you are working on.

Social Toolbar can be turned off/on through the "settings" menu on the top.
Social Toolbar

The extra settings allow you to turn on and off message popups, and also to enable the sound alerts when somebody sends you a message (not all browsers support this feature).

The browser tab with 5pm will also show on and off the number of new messages you received. In Chrome browser the native alerts will also let you know about new 5pm messages.

If a user disables the Social Toolbar or are using it on a device that does not support it (cell phone, iPad) - you will still be able to see them online, but without being able to chat with them.

Troubleshooting: If your Social Toolbar gets stuck at loading (you can see only your avatar with a round loader on it) try to disable your browser add-ons - some cause issues. Also, if that does not help, and the problem happens to multiple computers and across multiple browsers within same network - contact your network administrators. Ask them to allow all traffic from (we use port #3555).