How to use 5pm
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5pm offers a selection of reports that can help you report time, filter your data in many ways and also plan and visualize the workload of your team.

Time Report

You can aggregate the time spent on tasks with Time Report:

Time Report
You can export the report data into CSV/Excel and print it out.

Time spent on tasks can be reported through Progress Reports (read more about Progress Reports). You can also use the Time Tracker desktop widget to report time. Time can be reported only on the task level.

General Report

General Report is a robust report that allows you to filter data from your 5pm account (projects/tasks/activity) in multiple ways. You can export it to CSV/Excel or generate the Print View - so it is a place to go when you need to export data from 5pm or print it out.

General Report

Workload Reports

Workload Reports are designed to help you visualize and plan your team workload, based on the number of assigned tasks or hours.

Current Workload Report displays the number of active (not closed or on hold) tasks assigned to each user. You can exclude tasks with no deadlines and also sort them by groups or projects.

You can also define the threshold above which the task numbers will get into a "high" workload area, or even "overloaded" (30% above threshold).

“highlighted team members only” flag allows you to filter the reports by highlighted team members — marked in bold by clicking on them in the Edit Task window (usually task "owners" or team leaders).

Current Workload Report
You can also base your report on number of hours assigned to each task (Estimated Hours):
Current Workload Report
Daily Workload Report is similar to Current Workload Report, but it distributes the number of tasks or hours through the next 10 days, based on task deadlines. Besides threshold and other filters, you can also exclude the weekends from the report, redistributing the workload to the work days.
Daily Workload Report
Daily Workload Report based on hours can give you a very detailed distribution of Estimated Hours added to tasks:
Daily Workload Report

CSV/Export and Print View are available for all reports.