Timeline view (Gantt-style chart)

Timeline is an alternative view of your projects and tasks.

Watch a short Video Tutorial  (2:55)

Timeline features:

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly views
  • Filters: Date Range, Group, Project, User, Tags and Status
  • Re-schedule projects and tasks with drag-and-drop
  • Print View and Export to a file
  • new! Add/Edit projects/tasks in Timeline
  • new! Undo/Redo resize/drag actions
  • new! Navigator panel
  • new! Compact/Expanded views

With task dependencies you can connect tasks to each other. Moving the parent tasks will move all the dependent tasks as well, so re-scheduling is a breeze:

For this page for the old version of 5pm (v1)click here .
?Task Dependencies
?Check 5pm Help on this feature