How to use 5pm

5pm Keyboard shortcuts

Use Ctrl + / for a full list

Add Project
Shift P
Add Task
Shift T
Add Multitask
Shift M
Add Subtask
Shift S
Add User
Shift U
Add Multiuser
Shift M
Add Comment
Shift C
Mark as Done/Undone
Shift D
DEtails Show/Hide
Shift E
Full Screen/Zen Mode
Shift F/Z
Left Panel Hide/Show
Ctrl L
Right Panel Hide/Show
Ctrl R
Fold All Projects
Ctrl Shift -
Fold/Unfold Project
Shift -/+
Open Project in New Tab
Shift N
Switch to Tab
Shift 1/2/3, etc
Quick form submit
Ctrl Enter
Grid Hide/Show
Shift G
Scroll to todaY
Shift Y