v2 Transition Guide

Ready to explore the new interface? Rest assured — all the features are still in familiar locations. With a little bit of exploring, you will find out that it does not just look better, but works better and comes with a large list of improvements.

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is that they must change if they are to get better.
― Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Quick look: v2 vs v1

You and your teammates can switch to the new interface and back at any time, making the transition whenever it works best for you.

Let's start with the main features, like adding a project or a task:

Adding a Project or Task

The project/task windows are not popups anymore, but do open in the right panel:

Task header and inline editing

All the fields you are used to are still there. But there are a few improvements, like the ability to select tags from the existing tags list.

The right panel now shows the Project/Task header on the top, with its name, deadline, etc. AND you can edit the fields in that header via inline editing — like quickly changing the task name, deadline, etc.

You can still open the full editing window by clicking the "Details" button in the header. Full window does not only give access to all the fields, but also allows you to send email notifications about updates to your team, as before.

Task Editing

Also, as in v1, you can display the Project/Task Description on the top of your right panel. But now you can resize that field (in supported browsers) and it can also be edited inline:

Show Description

Adding messages and files also went through many improvements. There is no popup form anymore — the unified form is now on the top of the right panel:

Adding messages

You can now mix and match the types of files attached (for example, from your computer and a cloud drive at the same time), drag and drop files more easily or even paste images from clipboard.

Files can be also uploaded via the Files tab, which was improved as well with "Download All Files" function and a file type filter:

Files tab

Adding Progress Notes is easy via the unified form. You simply have to click the "Progress/Time" to see the expanded options:

Adding Progress Notes

All the fields are still there, plus now you can also attach files to Progress Notes:

Progerss Note

Closing a task is even easier than before — you can simply click on the task icon in front of its name (either if the left panel or in the right one in the header). Also, the left panel now support inline editing as well — you can modify the fields right there by simply clicking on them (and you can add/remove columns in the left panel as before):

Progerss Note

After adding/editing/deleting anything, you will now see confirmations popping up in the right bottom corner. The deletion ones also contain the "restore" link:


The new Timeline

We rebuilt the Timeline from scratch (you will notice it does not required Flash anymore).

Left panel with the compact projects/tasks list is now fully customizable, as in the main view — you can add/hide columns, resize them, sort by any column and resize or even hide the whole panel:

Adjusting columns

And now you can add projects and tasks directly in Timeline:

Add Projects and Tasks

You can also edit projects and tasks fields without leaving the Timeline:

Project/Task form

There are many other improvements in the new Timeline:

  • Filter by tags
  • Improved print view and export (now can include the left panel)
  • Displaying long project/task names outside their "boxes"
  • Displaying teams besides projects/tasks
  • and more...

What's new in v2:

  • Redesigned forms — project/task/activity popup forms replaced with new on-screen forms.
  • Project/Task info is now on the top of the right panel, expandable to show the details.
  • Unified form for posting messages/files/progress notes. Progress Notes can now include attachments.
  • Better, responsive, retina-ready design, adapts to different screen sizes.
  • Progressive loading — both left and right panel load and update as you scroll, handling large data better.
  • Inline editing — quick editing fields directly in your view, without opening the full form (renaming a task, changing a deadline, etc.). Closing tasks by simply clicking on their icons.
  • Redesigned Timeline. Flash not required anymore. Fully customizable left panel. Adding and editing projects/tasks directly in Timeline. Teams can be displayed in the chart. Custom sort order, filter by tags, better printing/export, and more!
  • Better browser navigation. Supports browsers' "back"/"forward" function. Unique URL for each view — easy to bookmark.
  • "Download all files" function for projects/tasks.
  • Search improvements. Quick search now shows not only projects and tasks.
  • Confirmations on adding/editing/deleting, with "restore' link to undo deletions.
  • Attachments from multiple sources (desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) within a single post.
  • Better drag-and-drop support for uploading files (you can even drag in folders now).
  • Pasting images from clipboard (CTRL+V) directly into messages.
  • Tags renaming.
  • Selecting existing tags from the list, when adding them to a project/task.
  • Add Multiple Tasks form now contains all the new task fields.
  • Alerts on trying to move away from forms without saving the changes.
  • Auto-saving the New Message form on closing the browser window.
  • Short preview for long messages.
  • Filtering by file type in the Files tab.
  • Opening multiple 5pm tabs does not cause issues with filters anymore.
  • new! Undo in Timeline.
  • new! Multi-editing projects and tasks.
  • new! Social Toolbar.
  • and more!..

Upcoming features:

  • Dark Mode.


?Check 5pm Help for more information on v2