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Plans and Prices

Note that these payments are not recurring and you will have to make a manual payment again once the period expires
(a notification will be sent to you in advance).

Plans Price
$ 24/month, 12-months payment $ 288.00
$ 36/month, 12-months payment $ 432.00
$ 64/month, 12-months payment $ 768.00
$ 96/month, 12-months payment $ 1152.00
$ 199/month, 12-months payment $ 2388.00
$ 24/month, 6-months payment $ 144.00
$ 36/month, 6-months payment $ 216.00
$ 64/month, 6-months payment $ 384.00
$ 96/month, 6-months payment $ 576.00
$ 199/month, 6-months payment $ 1194.00

Please note:
You will see Disarea on the checkout pages and your credit card statements.
This is our corporate name, 5pm is part of Disarea LLC