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Time Tracking

You can log time into 5pm by adding Progress Notes to tasks. Just select a task in the right panel, then click Add/Progress Note in the left panel:
Progress Report
When adding a Progress Note, you can also indicate the time spent on a task. You can add multiple Progress Notes to a task.
Progress Report
You can also define the Estimated Time for each task (make sure you click "more options" in Task Creating/Editing window to access it):
Estimated Time
You can display the Estimated Time and even measure it against the actual time spent (reported through Progress Notes) in the left panel, by adding the "Hours" column to it (using right click on column headers).
Estimated Time
You can aggregate the time logged through Progress Notes using the Time Report:
You can also use our desktop Time Tracker widget to easily log and submit time to 5pm. ... or, if you preffer a spread sheet format, third-party solution called Circadio:
?Check 5pm Help on this feature
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